How we charge

Bland & Partners understand that there is substantial financial pressure on clients and a need to limit expenses such as fees. Our firm is structured to provide high quality advice without the expensive and unnecessary overhead that are normally associated with large law firms.

Generally, we charge on an hourly basis. Our hourly rates are usually lower than those of most other law firms, which reflects the lower operating costs of a smaller but dynamic firm but without any reduction in the quality of our attorneys, their work or representation of our clients. We also ensure that the hours billed are within our clients’ authority and always commensurate with the work undertaken.

We also work with our clients to ensure that we staff each case appropriately, to maximize efficiency and control costs. We have substantial experience in document intensive cases, which allows us to assess relevance, privilege, responsiveness and confidentiality in a thorough but cost effective manner.

Some clients prefer a more flexible approach to billing. We are happy to discuss various alternative charging structures including the following:

  • Fixed fees for certain types of work or for stages.
  • Contingency or modified contingency fee arrangements where the client is pursuing a claim.
  • Damages based assessments where the client is defending a claim and the fee is based on the percentage of the recovery or amount saved compared to the original claim or on the amount settled below the reserved amount.
  • Fixed rates for casualty investigations, statements, reports and recommendations to include travel time and disbursements. Free initial file review of key documentation and assessment of merits.